Flirting and Dating Tips for Men Online

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Knowing how to flirt online will be vital if you want the online relationship to transition in to the real world. If you are awkward with this, you may find yourself going through multiple potential profiles before you meet someone that will respond. There are several things you can do to ensure your flirting and dating online doesn’t scare people away.

Avoid Being Graphic

Even if you are on an adult themed dating site, you want the first interaction to be pleasant. If they have a great photo, don’t be afraid to comment. However, if the photo doesn’t show anything naughty, don’t say anything naughty. Until you know what their likes and desires are, shelve the sex talk.

Be Creative

Women hear the same things over and over again when they are trying to date online. If you tell them something they have already heard a thousand times, you aren’t going to get very far. Instead pull information from their profile about their interests, and use this in a creative way. If they mention they have a love of coffee, don’t tell them you do to. Instead, ask quirky questions like what kind of coffee would they be, or what kind of coffee goes with certain music or movies. This is going to peak their interest much faster than the same boring questions they hear all the time.

Be Available

Many sites will have options to chat with people in real time. If you are trying to flirt, you need to be available. If the woman sees that you are never online, they may think you aren’t a real person and just ignore you entirely.

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